• Shopping

    Where reducing food waste begins.

  • Plan your weekly meals and snacks, aiming to use hardier vegetables (like potato and carrots) later in the week, so you can use up other, fresh veggies earlier.

    Shop with a list and buy only what you need. Specials are a great way to save money, but try not to buy more than you can use, otherwise it may become food waste.

    Choose veg that has been grown locally and in season. This uses less resources to grow and transport. And they’re likely to be more affordable, and you’re also supporting a local economy.

    Eating seasonally boosts the variety of veg you consume thought the year and will challenge you to experiment with vegetables you may not be used to.

    Look for ‘ugly’ and ‘imperfect’ veg that others might turn away from. They can often be cheaper, but they are just as nutritious and just as tasty, and prevents them going to landfill.